• Streamlining Input/Output Logics with Sequent Calculi (Extended Abstract). IJCAI 2024 Sister Conferences’ Best Paper Track (Agata Ciabattoni and Dmitry Rozplokhas)

  • Epistemic logic programs: Non-ground and counting complexity. IJCAI 2024 (Thomas Eiter, J. F. und Markus Hecher, and S. Woltran)

  • Computational aspects of progression in temporal ASP. IJCAI 2024 (Thomas Eiter and D. Soldá)

  • Grounding Stream Reasoning Research. TGDK 2024 (Pieter Bonte, J.-P. Calbimonte, D. de Leng, D. Dell’Aglio, E. Della Valle, T. Eiter, F. Giannini, F. Heintz, K. Schekotihin, D. Le-Phuoc, A. Mileo, P. Schneider, R. Tommasini, J. Urbani, and G. Ziffer)

  • Verifying Global Two-Safety Properties in Neural Networks with Confidence. CAV 2024 (Anagha Athavale, Ezio Bartocci, Maria Christakis, Matteo Maffei, Dejan Nickovic, Georg Weissenbacher)

  • Adaptable configuration of decentralized monitors. FORTE 2024 (Ennio Visconti, Ezio Bartocci, Ylies Falcone, Laura Nenzi)

  • Learning Normative Behaviour through Automated Theorem Proving. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz 2024 (Emery A. Neufeld)

  • DeepRIoT: Continuous Integration and Deployment of Robotic-IoT Applications. DAC 2024 (Meixun Qu, Jie He, Zlatan Tucakovic, Ezio Bartocci, Dejan Nickovic, Haris Isakovic and Radu Grosu)

  • Student Research Abstract: Enhancing Safety in Cyber-Physical Systems Through Runtime Enforcement. SAC 2024 (Ignacio D. Lopez-Miguel)


  • Deontic Equilibrium Logic with eXplicit negation. JELIA 2023 (Pedro Cabalar, Agata Ciabattoni and Leon van der Torre)

  • Progression for Monitoring in Temporal ASP. ECAI 2023 (Davide Solda, Ignacio D. Lopez-Miguel, Ezio Bartocci, Thomas Eiter)

  • Streamlining Input/Output Logics with Sequent Calculi. KR 2023 (Agata Ciabattoni and Dmitry Rozplokhas)

  • Deontic Paradoxes in ASP with Weak Constraints. TC @ ICLP 2023 (Christian Hatschka, Agata Ciabattoni and Thomas Eiter)