• Student Research Abstract: Enhancing Safety in Cyber-Physical Systems Through Runtime Enforcement. SAC 2024 (Ignacio D. Lopez-Miguel)


  • Deontic Equilibrium Logic with eXplicit negation. JELIA 2023 (Pedro Cabalar, Agata Ciabattoni and Leon van der Torre)

  • Progression for Monitoring in Temporal ASP. ECAI 2023 (Davide Solda, Ignacio D. Lopez-Miguel, Ezio Bartocci, Thomas Eiter)

  • Streamlining Input/Output Logics with Sequent Calculi. KR 2023 (Agata Ciabattoni and Dmitry Rozplokhas)

  • Deontic Paradoxes in ASP with Weak Constraints. TC @ ICLP 2023 (Christian Hatschka, Agata Ciabattoni and Thomas Eiter)